Monday, January 17, 2005

Sushi on 7

Yesterday I met up with high school friends for sushi buffet at Sushi on 7

It was like no one really changed much after we went to University so that was nice. The food was freshly made. We ordered crispy Dragon rolls, spicy salmon rolls, spicy california rolls, strawmushrooms wrapped in beef, beef ribs, tofu, some tempura, and butterfly (white) fish sushi. Everything was made when we ordered it so everything was really freshly put together. Crispy Dragon rolls were very good. Probably my favorite. It made the spicy california rolls pale in comparison. The spicy salmon was the kind where all the salmon was minced and on the top. I think I prefer the regular kind with spicy mayo. Everything else was pretty standard fare. Surprisingly there wasn't many people eating at the place so food came pretty quickly. We finished our meals with mango, red bean, and green tea ice cream. YUM!

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