Sunday, January 23, 2005

Cold Cold Day

It was so snowy today. I shovelled the snow and just stayed at home for the morning and afternoon. My fingers felt like they would fall off after I came back in from shovelling. They were in such pain. In the evening I went to a friend's bday buffet at the Buffet King. It was a very dangeroud drive so it was spin here and there almost everywhere. Nothing was plowed. Worst thing was that I had to make the trip 3 times before I was really there. Here's a pic in front of the dessert bar:

The food was ok. Sushi, Mandarin-style stuff... umm.... that's all. A lot of people were there. We stayed there till they kicked us out. Here's a pic of the outside after they kicked us out:

The sign's off but if you have good eyes you can see it saws Buffet King.
The drive home saw a lot of tow trucks. Here's a close up of a broken car. Guess what type of car!

Thank goodness it wasn't red. It was one with a new license plate. For my close friends, you know what I mean about old cars and new license plates. Thank goodness everyone I know seems to be alright driving in the bad weather. Otherwise I'd probably see some sad MSN nicknames. So drive safely this weekend.


tissue said...

you know your thing where if you flip a coin and let it fall on the ground the first time it always lands on heads... it still hasn't failed yet

Eric said...

That is great! Now you can always have your way in things. Be careful because if you use it too often you get past the equalizing point, then many tails will start appearing.

tissue said...

i wasn't aware of an equalizing point ... BUT if it does happen then i will just have to start calling tails then